Fundraising Tips from Our Furry Friend Zola

Want to be a part of Furry-Friend-a-Thon but not sure how to fundraise? Signed up for Furry-Friend-a-Thon and not sure what to do next? Zola’s got you! Here are some tips on how to fundraise and hit your goal. But first, some basics.

What is Furry-Friend-a-Thon?
Furry-Friend-a-Thon is part of the National Network for Abortion Funds nationwide fundraising event, Fund-a-Thon. Participants of Fund-a-Thon ask the people they know to help them reach a personally meaningful fundraising goal by donating to their local abortion fund.

Why is it called Furry-Friend-a-Thon?
Our pets are our family and support us through it all. They’re with us when we speak to callers on the phone and provide us with emotional support while we help Texans travel. They’re our confidants and hear everything that’s happening right now. They’re emotional support animals, abortion travel buddies, and so much more!

How do I sign up?
You can start a team, join a team, or fundraise on your own – all from the Furry-Friend-a-Thon landing page! Furry-Friend-a-Thon runs from NOW through May 31st. That means you have until the end of May to fundraise OR give to a team.

Now what?
So you’ve signed up, set a personal fundraising goal, and are ready to fundraise with your favorite furry friend – but how? Here are some easy fundraising tips to get you started.

  • Send an email or text!
    • Send personal messages to your community asking for donations.
    • Sample text:
      • “[Furry friend’s name] and I are trying to raise $[fundraising goal amount] by May 31st for Texans who need to get out of state for their abortions and would love your help! The average cost for travel expenses alone right now is almost $800 per person, so Texans need all the help they can get! Thank you!! [link to your Furry-Friend-a-Thon page].”
  • Post on social media!
    • Share a picture of your favorite furry friend and encourage your friends to donate to your fundraiser. The most effective fundraising is personal. Plus, people looooove pets! Use pictures of your pet whenever you can to draw folks in, then deliver the fundraising ask via a text-heavy post.
    • Feel free to post multiple times leading up to May 31st and include your fundraiser link in your Instagram profile so folks can always find it.
    • Here’s some sample language for your posts:
      • Help [furry friend’s name] and I reach our fundraising goal! We’re raising money for Furry-Friend-a-Thon which supports abortion access for Texans. Please consider donating what you can at [link to your Furry-Friend-a-Thon page]. #fundathon #FThon23 #fundabortion
  • Share our posts/stories!
    • We’re always posting about abortion access. Use our posts to raise awareness to your followers! We’ll also be promoting Furry-Friend-a-Thon 1:1 donation matches on our account. This is another great opportunity to send out an ask!
  • Offer an incentive!
    • Send people who donate to your fundraiser small gifts – think cookies, handmade items, drawings, etc. Post something like “Anyone who donates $50 to my fundraiser today will receive a batch of homemade cookies! Donate now and get them while they’re hot!” Then make sure to follow through!

Who to ask?

  • Friends and family! Furry-Friend-a-Thon is a great intro to abortion funds.
  • Anyone on social media you have ever seen post about repro justice/rights/health. Slide into their DMs.
  • Coworkers – if you work in a safe space and feel comfortable.
  • Your employer – ditto the above, but check if your employer matches or has a giving program. HR is the best person to ask!
  • Clubs you belong to, used to belong to, or never belonged to – were you ever part of a student club that supports reproductive justice? Were you involved in Greek life? Do you have connections to student orgs or other societies?

HOT TIP: Ask people twice! Everyone needs a reminder sometimes. Plus, this is a good strategy to use during a match period or when you are close to your goal!

Are you sure this will work?
Yes! Just take it from our Communications and Public Policy Associate: “I have never fundraised before and didn’t know what to expect. I set my goal to $200. I sent a text to a bunch of friends and I was amazed at the response! It’s been heartwarming to see the generosity of my community.

And remember to thank every person who donates. Send them lots of gratitude.

We are so grateful!
We can’t thank you enough for being a part of Furry-Friend-a-Thon. It is because of your passion and commitment to abortion access and your financial contributions to our work that we can keep serving Texans seeking abortion care. Thank you!