We are a mighty team of 8 staff members and 9 volunteer board members. While we would love nothing more than to share the individual bios of our entire staff and board, we know this is not a safe or secure option in the abortion-hostile climate we find ourselves. Instead, let us share a bit on this page about who we are as a collective of abortion-access advocates!

We are Texans-by-birth and Texans-by-choice; we have roots in the Midwest, the Mid-Atlantic, the Rio Grande Valley, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Pakistan, and the Philippines. We are Black, Latina/LatinX, Asian, white, bi and multi-racial. We are LGBTQ+ and allied. We are cisgendered and non binary. We are Muslim, Jewish, Christian, spiritual, and non-religious/areligious. We are social workers, attorneys, former clinic workers, doulas, mental health professionals, and former service-industry workers. We are Star Wars geeks, BTS super fans, powerlifters, music-festival goers, animal lovers, cosplayers, vegans, and meat eaters alike!

We are parents, hope-to-one-day-be-parents, people who have had abortions, and people who have never had abortions but who fight like hell every day to ensure anyone who wants an abortion can access one safely.

We are SO PROUD to be Fund Texas Choice!