Fund Texas Women changed its name – here’s why

August 18, 2014


This weekend, Fund Texas Women organized a convening of organizations that came together around abortion access in Texas. We decided that, as a network, we would strive to “provide quality abortion services and enable access for Texas through shared information and resources.”

In order for our organization to provide quality abortion services, we have to make sure that everyone who needs help traveling for their abortion is able to get it. But with a name like Fund Texas Women, we were publicly excluding trans* people who needed to get an abortion but were not women.

We refuse to deny the existence and humanity of trans* people any longer.

Our board has unanimously voted to approve our new name, Fund Texas Choice. Its emphasis on abortion, not on “women,” makes it a more just alternative.

While the term “choice” has historically ignored the difficulties of abortion access for marginalized persons, we still believe that trusting the choices made by our callers is a prerequisite to our work. By helping a client get to their appointment, we empower them to be able to access their choice. The fact that we fund choice means that in many cases, we make it possible. In the words of our mission statement, we “provide those who need to travel for an abortion with the economic means to make that decision for themselves.”

We’re feverishly working on implementing this name change as quickly as possible. (We’ve already stopped production of our bumper stickers so the URL can be fixed!) We’re writing a new gender-neutral language policy, and we’re adding questions to our hotline that make space for queer and trans* callers to let us know their specific needs. All the while, we’ll continue to provide services to those who need to travel.

This will be an ongoing process, but the work has to start today. Thank you for supporting us though the transition.

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