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Our Story

Fund Texas Choice (formerly Fund Texas Women) is a non-profit organization that pays for Texans’ travel to abortion clinics. We were formed in response to the passage of Texas House Bill 2, which  closed nearly 75% of over 40 Texan clinics in 2013 and 2014.  The closures were primarily in rural and low-income areas of the state, necessitating cost-prohibitive, time-wasting, and geographically-difficult travel for groups of us already facing financial obstacles to abortion.  These are the clinics left in our state:

In the summer of 2016, the Supreme Court dismantled HB2. (Hooray!) But our work isn’t finished yet.

This legislation did its damage; most of the clinics closed by HB2 have not reopened.  For some friends in west Texas, the closest abortion clinic is a 5-hour drive away.  East-Texans near Louisiana and North-Texans near Oklahoma have clinics closer to them.  But, public transit in these regions is extremely sparse. Check out our  bus routes below.

Finally, abortion procedures in Texas last a minimum of 2 days, due to the state’s mandatory 24-hour waiting period.  Longer appointments can last a week.  So, we provide two primary services to those who qualify.

Our Program


If you don’t have a car, we provide bus tickets or plane tickets to the nearest clinic that can help you, in any state.  If you own a car or can borrow one, we work with clinics to offset fuel costs.


Any person driving several hours to an abortion clinic needs a place to stay before and after their procedure.  Additionally, Texas law requires a 24-hour waiting period for anyone who chooses abortion.  This means most abortion appointments are a minimum of 2-days long–one day for the consultation, a second for the procedure.  Longer procedures can last as long as 5 days, not counting travel time.  If you are traveling to a clinic far from home and need a place to stay near the clinic, we can help. We book with friendly hotels vetted by our group or suggested by the clinic.

Our Team

Our statewide board and small team of staff work intentionally and thoughtfully to ensure equitable abortion access for you. We are a member of the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF), and proudly work alongside other Abortion Funds to create pathways to safe abortion and Build Power in a greater movement towards reproductive justice.

HB2, and legislation like it, affects us all differently.  Factors like race, age, income, disability, status, gender identity, and sexual orientation all figure into abortion access–or obstacles to abortion access. We work to mitigate disparities with your personal circumstances and experiences in mind. We aim to provide case-by-case, human services drawn from justice-centered values.

Want to volunteer?

1) For travel services

Fund Texas Choice has two staff people running its travel program. For privacy and anonymity, we only use hotels and commercial transit. So, we do not use volunteer drivers or volunteer housing.

However, The Bridge Collective  provides volunteer rides and homestays, plus doula services for folks in Austin.  The Clinic Access Support Network provides similar services in Houston.  La Frontera Fund provides hotels and overnight stays for folks in the Rio Grande Valley.

All three of these organizations are vital to our work and could possibly use your volunteer services!

2) For fundraising

Want to participate in fundraising campaigns for Fund Texas Choice?  Throw a house party to benefit us?  Uh, YES PLEASE!  Email us and we’ll send you all the info and materials you need!

We have t-shirts, flyers, sign up sheets and pamphlets galore!

3) For developing our program & working with our team

Wanna be on our board? We review applications once a year– email us today to receive one!

Board members of Fund Texas Choice are engaged in an ongoing reproductive justice education, tag-teaming bureaucratic tasks to keep our non-profit running smoothly, fundraising, community-building, bookkeeping, and generally kicking butt.  We’d love to chat more.

4) For donating artistic, IT, or other skill sets

Can you edit grants?  Donate time or skills as an artist or IT whiz? Are you the best bookkeeper there ever was?  We need you.  Email or call today and let’s talk about what we’re up to, behind the scenes.

We are a growing non-profit and as such, need all the help we can get.

CALL: 512-900-8908 or 844-900-8908

EMAIL: admin @ fundtexaschoice.org

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/FundTexasChoice

TWITTER: twitter.com/FundTexasChoice

Sobre Nosotros

Viaje Texas (Fund Texas Choice) es una organización con sede en Austin, Texas que ayuda pagar los gastos de transportación y alojamiento para las personas que buscan servicios de aborto. Se formó después de que Texas aprobó House Bill 2, una ley que restringe acceso al aborto y ha impactado negativamente las vidas de personas que viven en Texas, especialmente la gente con bajos ingresos y que viven en zonas rurales.

Como los directores de Viaje Texas, somos apasionados sobre la justicia reproductiva. Y aunque damos cuenta de que el aborto no sea el único asunto dentro de la gama de justicia reproductiva, creemos que el acceso fácil a un aborto es una parte esencial de cualquier lucha para igualdad. También sabemos que legislación como HB2 tiene efectos diferentes por gente diversa, dependiendo de muchos factores como raza, edad, nivel de ingresos, estado de discapacidad, identidad de género, orientación sexual, y otros. Viaje Texas intenta aliviar estas disparidades mediante la implementación de programas que ayudan a la gente obtener un aborto a pesar de sus circunstancias.

Aquí son algunos de nuestros programas:

Financiación de los gastos de transportación:

Por las personas que no tienen otra manera de transportación, a veces proveemos billetes de autobús que le puede llevar a la clínica de aborto más cercana. Se puede ver un mapa de recorridos de autobús en Texas aquí.

Financiación de los gastos de alojamiento:

Viaje Texas a veces proviene alojamiento, sin cobrar, en hoteles elegidos cerca de las clínicas de aborto. Así, clientes que tienen que viajar largas distancias tienen lugar para dormir durante su periodo de espera de 24 horas, por ejemplo.

Si usted quiere apoyar cualquier de estos programas, por favor considera hacer un donativo.