About Us

Fund Texas Choice (formerly Fund Texas Women) is a non-profit organization based in Austin, Texas that helps pay for abortion travel-related expenses. It was formed in response to the passage of Texas House Bill 2, which has especially negative impacts on the lives of low-income and rural Texans.

(For more information about HB2 and its effects, click here.)

As directors of Fund Texas Choice, we are passionate about reproductive justice. And although we recognize that abortion is not the only issue that falls within the spectrum of reproductive justice, we believe that easy access to abortion is a vital component of any fight for equality. We also acknowledge that legislation like HB2 affects individuals differently, depending on many factors like race, age, income, disability status, gender identity, sexual orientation, and others. Fund Texas Choice works to mitigate these disparities by implementing programs that help people access abortion regardless of their circumstances.

Here are some of our programs:

Transportation Funding

For people who have no other means of transportation, we sometimes provide bus tickets that bring a client to their nearest abortion clinic. See a map of Texas bus routes here.

Accommodation Funding

Fund Texas Choice sometimes provides clients with free overnight stays at select locations near abortion clinics. This way, clients who must travel long distances will have a place to sleep during their mandatory 24-hour waiting period, for example.


If you would like to support any of these programs, please consider making a donation.

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