Director of Development and Communications

Fund Texas Choice is hiring our first Director of Development and Communications. This position will co-lead as one of two Executive Directors alongside our first Director of Operations and Programs. A deep commitment to collaboration, creative problem solving, and efficient system building will be critical to the success of this role. These are our first staff leadership positions; they will need to step into intentionally building an organization with a sharp focus on racial, economic, and gender justice, and one that does not build its new foundations at the expense of its values.

Job Title: Director of Development and Communications (which includes co-executive director responsibilities)

Reports to: Board of Directors 

Status: Full-time salaried and benefits; salary range: $75,000-85,000

Location: Remote, but must live within Texas

Deadline to apply: August 5, 2020

Fund Texas Choice is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help Texans equitably access abortion through safe, confidential, and comprehensive travel services and practical support. 

Summary: The Director of Development & Communications is an executive leadership position, and will co-lead Fund Texas Choice alongside the co-executive Director of Operations and Programs. This newly created co-director position will report to the Board of Directors and will be primarily responsible for providing fundraising leadership and strategic direction to ensure Fund Texas Choice’s stability and continued growth.  The Director of Development & Communications will be responsible for leading all fundraising and communication initiatives, as well as be jointly responsible for the overall work of the organization. To accomplish this objective, the Director of Development & Communications will perform the following essential job functions: 

Development & Communications 

  • Develop and successfully carry out Fund Texas Choice’s development strategy, with support of FTC Board of Directors (and co-director).
  • Lead the Board of Directors (and co-director) in stewardship and development efforts.
  • Cultivate and steward individual donors by building and maintaining relationships with current and potential donors.
  • Develop a diverse network of major donors (in Texas and nationally). 
  • Develop, nurture and grow relationships with current and prospective donors including individuals, foundations, and other nonprofits through direct personal contact and other means of communication.
  • Create and implement fundraising campaigns via various channels & platforms (mailings, email, social media, etc.). 
  • Recruit sponsors, participants, and volunteers for fundraising events. 
  • Hire and supervise part-time administrative staff (currently 1 staff person; potential for expansion depending on funding). 
  • Plan, coordinate, and attend Fund Texas Choice supporting events with the co-director such as  live (when safe to resume) and virtual  events, including film screenings, conference presentations, house parties, panels and educational opportunities, and other outreach events.
  • Develop donor acknowledgement to ensure all gifts and donations are appropriately recognized.
  • Accurately oversee and maintain a CRM system to effectively manage contact information for existing and potential donors.
  • Provide monthly fundraising reports to the Board.
  • Display deep understanding of fundraising best practices and make recommendations to the Board about implementing new or updated fundraising strategies.
  • Create and carry out community awareness and solidarity campaigns and strategies via multiple channels (in person, mailings, email, social media, etc.). 

Grant Requests & Administration

  • Identify grant funding opportunities and be responsible for all research, writing, and reporting requirements.
  • Identify and track all potential institutional giving and grant opportunities in the CRM system, including deadlines, required materials, necessary involvement of Board, status of application, etc. 
  • Draft and submit letters of intent, grant applications, and other funding requests.
  • Create and continually update documents and reports to streamline grant drafting and submissions process.
  • Execute timely reporting for grant compliance (including approving financial reports), as required.

Board Governance

  • Works with the board in order to fulfill the organization mission.
  • Responsible for leading Fund Texas Choice in a manner that supports and guides the organization’s mission as defined by the Board of Directors.
  • Responsible for communicating effectively with the Board and providing, in a timely and accurate manner, all information necessary for the Board to function properly and to make informed decisions.

Public Relations, Community Engagement, and Marketing

  • Build and sustain working relationships and communication with FTC partners, including National Network of Abortion Funds, local abortion funds, clinics, volunteers, etc.
  • Oversee and direct all media relations, social media communication, media production, and general public outreach. 
  • Develop and update marketing materials to support gift cultivation, including website, email marketing templates, program pamphlets, and thank you cards, etc. 
  • Develop and maintain media contacts to ensure accurate coverage of FTC in media.

The following qualifications are strongly preferred:

  • 5+ years of fundraising experience with track record in fundraising, stewarding donors, and direct ask 
  • Prior success managing the entire fundraising process, including donor identification, cultivation, solicitation, acknowledgement, and other best practices in the field of donor relations
  • Demonstrated leadership and management skills
  • Detail-oriented and highly organized
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including public speaking
  • Experience with online CRM systems
  • Ability to work well with a variety of personnel with differing levels of authority, experience, and backgrounds, including board members, staff, and volunteers
  • Self-motivated & confident – ability to work with remote supervision
  • Creativity and indefatigable problem-solving skills
  • Prior experience and high comfort level with online business and co-working tools (eg: Google Suite, Slack, etc.)
  • Knowledge of the nonprofit setting, project planning and prospect research
  • Understanding of the media landscape, including comfort with developing press releases, public service announcements and other written communication with the media and public. 
  • Experience with serving as an organizational spokesperson
  • Strong marketing, public relations, and fundraising experience with the ability to engage a wide range of stakeholders
  • Professional maturity, credibility, patience, good judgment, honesty, integrity and trust. 
  • Commitment to professional development

Ideal Skill Sets

  • Experience supervising in remote work environments.
  • Creativity in exciting communities in virtual organizational storytelling and engagement experiences.
  • Experience developing programs, policies, and procedures from inception through delivery.
  • Familiarity with Change Management processes, and sustaining organizational goals through new staffing and program structures.
  • Desire to build mutually supportive social justice movement partnerships, especially in virtual spaces.
  • Strong conversational and written Spanish bilingual proficiency.

This job is right for you if you…

  • Are excited to work in a changing landscape, where each day’s barriers and solutions may be different than the one before.
  • Are willing to build structures and be the first person in your staff role.
  • Love to design operational processes to streamline workflows while maintaining regular relationship building with staff and communities.
  • Are proud of your creativity in designing engaging community opportunities across the widely diverse geographic and cultural areas that Texas encompasses.
  • Love Texas’s people enough to fight for the abortion access they deserve.
  • Believe in the power of being a part of solidarity and collective support rather than models of charity and saviourism.
  • Are committed to abortion access and full reproductive health care for all, using an intersectional framework that includes, but is not limited to gender, economic, and racial justice.
  • Have a knack for talking to people and feel comfortable asking for donations to support this work.
  • Appreciate working with a diverse and inclusive Board and staff.
  • Exercise good judgment by considering potential consequences of a decision and making the best choice.
  • Hold yourself to a high ethical standard for acceptable conduct.
  • Are open to giving and receiving feedback and committed to practicing this regularly.
  • Believe in bucking the trend through progressive policies to create a new vision for our future.

How to apply:

Interested applicants may send a resume and cover letter to by August 5, 2020.

Fund Texas Choice is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any individual based on any non-merit factor, and is committed to an equitable workplace where everyone is treated as a respected and valued member of the team. In fact, FTC actively seeks to build and maintain a diverse staff with regard to race, culture, ethnicity, class, religion, physical ability, age, gender, and sexual orientation. As an organization working in solidarity with the reproductive justice movement, FTC  is committed to fostering the leadership and elevating the voices of women, young people, people of color, Native people, immigrant and refugees, low-income people, LGBQ+, and transgender, gender non-conforming, and non-binary people, people who have had abortions, people with disabilities, young parents, people who were formerly imprisoned, people who have received funding for abortions, and people living in the many intersections of these experiences. We encourage people from these communities to apply. Previous affiliates of Fund Texas Choice are encouraged to apply and discuss association with the hiring committee.