We provide travel assistance to Texas residents whether your appointment is in Texas or if you have to travel out-of-state. To those who qualify, we can help with:


We arrange and pay for hotel stays for folks who need to stay overnight in the city of their appointment(s). Due to the many restrictions currently in place, such as a 24-hour mandated waiting period, and a limited number of clinics, many people need support traveling long distances and finding a place to sleep while traveling.


If you do not have a car or need to go out-of-state, we arrange and pay for bus tickets, flights, and/or provide gas assistance. We can also arrange rideshares (e.g., Uber/Lyft) for folks who need help getting to/from their appointments or other ground transportation needs.
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While we do not pay for the procedure itself, we can help connect you with other organizations that provide funding. Call today.

Infographic showing Fund Texas Choice's 2021 experiences helping Texans get to their abortions and the heavy impact under Senate Bill 8. The info includes data in the screen-reader accessible table as well as: Nearly 70% of FTC clients are BIPOC; 60% are already parents; The total miles traveled by patients is a 204% increase in miles clients traveled in the 2 months since SB8; clients are most frequently traveling to Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Kansas; the furthest they've traveled is to Washington, New York, and California
Screen-reader-friendly table of data on the infographic
First 8 Months of 2021 2 Months under Senate Bill 8
Clients Served 309 170
Average Spent per Client $776 $1,018
Total Miles 250,803 191,044
Average Miles 805 1,105
Clients Going Out of State 50% 99%