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1) Want to volunteer?

Right now, we have two staff people running our travel program. We also use hotels and commercial transit for privacy and anonymity.

However, The Bridge Collective  provides local rides and homestays, plus doula services for folks in Austin.  The Clinic Access Support Network provides similar services in Houston.  La Frontera Fund provides hotels and overnight stays for folks in the Rio Grande Valley.  All three of these organizations are vital to our work and could possibly use your volunteer services.  We can use you in this movement.  So see if they have a training coming up!

2) Donor Tax Receipts

For individual electronic donations smaller than $250, it is frequently acceptable to use the PayPal email receipt or your bank statement when filing your taxes.  So to save paper, we issue tax receipts for individual donations of $250 or greater, and for any donations sent to us by mail.  However, if you need a tax receipt mailed to you for any reason, please don’t hesitate to call or email our admin! We so appreciate your support.