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Help us with the new normal.  

Help us with the new normal.  


We last wrote you to celebrate the historic Supreme Court decision on HB2. Now, we prepare for its unraveling.

Emboldened by Trump, states will continue to hammer away at abortion access—legislation will pass, clinics will close, and more Texans will be forced to travel further away for healthcare. Long-distance travel for abortion will be our new normal.

This year, we’ve experienced a steady increase in need for travel services. In 2015, we helped 20 people per month get to abortion clinics. Now, we fund 30 trips per month.  

Travel to clinics is costly; our average cost per trip is now $500. Remember, due to the state-mandated 24-hour waiting period, all abortion appointments in Texas are a minimum of two days and necessitate lodging near the clinic. Due to the 20-week ban, and rural clinic closures, nearly half our clients are forced to travel out of state for care. For safety, privacy, and logistical reasons, we cannot rely on volunteers. We pay for gas, bus tickets, flights and lodging until you get to your appointment.  No exceptions.

We expect to serve more Texans in 2017. We will work to meet the need. And eventually, we hope to share our model so all Americans can get to the clinic door. We are ambitious – but also young and small. Can you support us?

  • Donate directly here. No contribution is small.
  • Get your rage out! Friends created Rage Donate where you can give to us as well as many other Trump-combating groups.
  • Drone in your gifts! Use our Amazon smile account.
  • New York artist Viva Ruiz says, “Thank God for Abortion.” Buy her t-shirt here. 20% of proceeds go to FTC.

We never forget that you are the reason we are here. You are the reason we imagine growth. Thank you for always supporting us as we help Texans arrive at the clinic door.

In gratitude,

Meg Loomis

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